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Awards & Recognitions

  • SDQ Is named overall best station for the month of DECEMBER 2012 by INSEL AIR!
    Overall score for the network is 52%. A big decrease of 10%. There were total of 558 flights handled by the whole network. SDQ has proven this year they are a station that perform with the best. Gaining on delays and giving excellent service to the passengers. Very well done Pedro and all of the General Air Services team for keeping up the service level and performance on target!!
  • The Caribbean tourism fair BTC grants "the reward for excellence in tourism" to Lic. Gustavo de Hostos, June 28 2012
  • "BEST ON TIME PERFORMANCE FOR APRIL 2012", SDQ with 100% on time and an average of 15 minutes gain on delay recovery. INSEL AIR.
  • Nominated for "best service provider for the exporters 2011" by ADOEXPO
  • Nominated for "best service provider for the exporters 2009" by ADOEXPO
  • SDQ achieved 1st place for Quickpak POD (proof of delivery) for March 2009 for LIAT.
  • Best "on time performance station" by LIAT , February 2009.
  • Nominated for "best service provider for the exporters 2008" by ADOEXPO
  • General Air Services PUJ station was selected by Martinair as the best station of 2005.
  • We have exceeded our budgets by over 10% for the past three years for all the airlines that we represent.
  • We have been appointed agent of the year in more than 10 occasions in the last 16 years.
  • In November 1999 we were responsible for coordination of all aeronautical arrivals and departure for the 72 chiefs of state participating in the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) World Conference held in Santo Domingo.
  • General Air Services had the highest growth rate of all GSA's worldwide for Martinair Holland during the years: 1992-2000.
  • Nominated for the prize of excellence of Service 2013 to Dominican exporters by ADOEXPO